Animal Healing testimonial Judith and Smudge

ANIMAL HEALING testimonial from Judith: “ Just over 2 months ago I contacted Alison with a rather different request. I had been searching around for somebody to treat our beloved cat who was unwell, without any success in finding anyone who would carry out reiki on cats, I remained determined to continue my search. I was guided to Alison and felt sure that she could help, and she certainly did. Alison showed love, compassion & her wonderful gift of healing to our lovely boy. He responded very well to treatment, once a week. During treatment he would lay on the couch, maybe getting up a couple of times to check out surroundings, but Alison gently and lovingly just went with what was given to her. During the 1st few treatments we were unsure exactly what was wrong with our cat as the vet’s were unable to do any further tests. After specialist vet care, sadly we found out that he did not have long left. After this very upsetting news we still continued treatments for him as he was happy in himself and continue to responded well. I kept in touch with Alison when we knew it was time to say goodbye, and our lovely boy Smudge would have been supported throughout with distance healing. It warmed my heart to see how a cat responded to reiki, and the true gift that Alison has been blessed with. As a family we cannot thank Alison enough.”